I Love Lawyers

I can remember several years ago sitting with a recruiter and insisting, "I don't want to work in another law firm. Not yet." I had a good job but was itching for something different and more rewarding. Little did I know that, fast-forward to 2018, I'd still be working with lawyers but in a very different and unimaginably rewarding way. Guess who's the only non-lawyer sitting on the BBA Cannabis Law Conference Advisory Committee? This gal. But the best part about this development is that I consider these attorneys my friends, colleagues and mentors, and I couldn't be more proud to work with them in this new capacity. Check out the BBA's announcement and round up of the Advisory Committee her

Birds of a feather flock together

Last week AmericanInno published a list of 9 Massachusetts women who are propelling the Commonwealth's Cannabis industry forward. From inventors to educators to a dispensary chef, these women are a great representation of the impact female entrepreneurs and business leaders are having on the industry. The only complaint I have with this list is that it could and should be so much longer! But ucky me, I'm on the list with friends and colleagues who've each had an impact on my career. Go ahead and judge us by the company we keep...

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