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New England Cannabis Network Announces 2018 Convention Dates, adds Managing Director

New cities and managing director added to largest cannabis event series in New England

BOSTON, December 1, 2017 – The New England Cannabis Network (NECANN) is expanding in response to soaring demand and growth in the region’s cannabis industry. As the largest cannabis series in New England, NECANN will produce five multi-day conventions in 2018 in Boston, MA; Burlington, VT; Providence, RI; Portland, ME; and Reno, NV.

NECANN also announced the addition of Beth Waterfall as managing director, a new role created to oversee program development and operations.

“Since starting with the first NECANN convention in Boston in 2015, the cannabis industry and movement have matured and grown by leaps and bounds in New England,” said NECANN president and cofounder Marc Shepherd. “We’ve added new events and expanded our team to continue providing timely and valuable state-by-state programming with some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators.”

NECANN’s 2018 convention series kicks off with the 4th Annual New England Cannabis Convention at the Hynes Auditorium in Boston March 24-25, followed by Reno, NV, April 7-8, and the Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention in Burlington, VT, May 11-13. NECANN also returns to Portland, ME, October 6-7 and to Providence, RI, October 27-29. Additional networking events and educational experiences will be announced in early 2018.


The New England Cannabis Network (NECANN) was conceived in 2014 during a discussion lamenting the lack of established resource hubs for the rapidly expanding Cannabis industry in New England. Events where businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers could connect, learn, and grow were needed, and NECANN developed a locally owned and operated convention model focused on the New England market (and each state’s medical and recreational status) as an alternative to the existing corporate convention franchises. Learn more at

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