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Business Development Advisory Services

The growing cannabis and psychedelics industries are just like more established industries:


  • It's all about who you know and how you're known in the marketplace.

  • Reputation is everything

  • Relationships rule

Let's work together on a relationship marketing plan the leverages my deep industry immersion and extensive professional network to connect you to the people and services your business needs to be well organized, compliant and successful.

Let's get you connected​, compliantly

  • Introductions to attorneys and other reputable service providers

  • Community outreach meeting planning and facilitation

  • Positive Impact Plan consultation and/or execution services

  • Diversity Plan consultation and/or execution services

  • Small- and large-scale events and relationship nurturing-experiences

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting services

  • Executive team and staff recruitment

  • Speaking engagements and podcast placements

Your network is your most valuable asset. ​

I'll share mine and help build yours!

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​Beth's cannabis industry immersion

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