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Fix Your Writer's Block with 2 Simple Questions

The easiest part about writing is deciding to write, and the hardest part of writing is the actual writing. Right? This writer says "no."

If you can answer "yes" to either of the following two questions, you are ready to start writing something:

1) Did you go to work today?

2) Did a colleague or client ask you a question?

Whether you're blogging or, like me, writing your first LinkedIn Publisher posts, you have a story to tell just about every single day. If someone asked you for your opinion at the office or to help them with a client issue today, that means you are already viewed by that colleague as an expert -- or at least someone whose opinion they value. It also means they didn't find the information they needed elsewhere. Oh, the sweet smell of opportunity!

Likewise, if someone pays you to go to work at their company, you must have some sort of value to provide that organization and its clients. Write about your value and the way your unique skills or observations impact your business. Capitalize on the special value that you bring to your job, colleagues and clients everyday by jotting down your 300-500 word blog post or 140-character Tweet. Start somewhere. If you don't know where to publish but want to start building a portfolio and play by your own rules, consider a blog, which is very easy to set up.

And know that it's never too late to start, either. I can tell you from experience today just how exhilarating it is to click that "publish" button.

- Please follow me on Twitter! @bethwaterfall

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