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Beth Waterfall Appointed to 2020 Cannabis Marketing Summit Host Committee

BOSTON, January 10, 2020 -- Massachusetts cannabis marketing and education leader Beth Waterfall has been appointed a member of the Cannabis Marketing Association's 2020 Cannabis Marketing Summit Host Committee. In this role Beth contributes to the planning and organization of the summit, including session and speaker curation.

Originally planned an in-person event in Los Angeles, the Summit Host Committee pivoted in response to COVID-19 to move the event online as a multi-day, interactive learning and networking experience. The content is targeted to senior level marketers responsible for the budgets of licensed brands and MSOs. However, all cannabis communications professionals and those wanting to enter the industry can benefit from attending the Summit.

The goal of the Summit is to evaluate the current state of cannabis marketing and review the practical tools, tactics, and data that produce effective strategies and campaigns for cannabis brands across the country. Learn more and register here.

"If there's one thing marketing professionals can rely on, it's change," said Beth. "By moving the Summit online we're able to welcome more participants and provide event more opportunities to learn more and connect with peers in ways that will undoubtedly lead to in-person meetings and unique customer experiences down the road."

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