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Beth's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Looking for gift ideas for the stoners, growers, or cannabis newbs in your life? You are not alone!

I get asked for gift ideas every year so for this Green Wednesday, I decided to put together a list of the top gifts I recommend for the 2020 Holiday gift-giving season. Whether you're seeking stocking stuffers on a budget, $20 'Secret Santa' gifts for recent cannabis converts, or something truly special for the growers, chefs, and tech geeks in your life, I got you covered.

Keep reading or scroll to the image gallery below for 21 of my favorite cannabis-related holiday gifts for people age 21+ -- starting with the lowest-priced options -- and look out for special discount codes hidden in the mix!

Candy Molds for Homemade Edibles – $2.75

For New Englanders like me, winter means hibernation and lots of home cooking. While there are many amazing commercial edibles readily available at dispensaries, it can be just as easy – and more fun! – to make your own edibles. Check out these cute bird candy molds and give the gift of your own custom edibles! Or, search specifically for your desired shape candy molds on Amazon. How sweet!

Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack – $5.00

With the right group of friends, a night of Cards Against Humanity can go on for hours and hours of chuckles. And when you add the Weed Pack, you’ll take your group’s giggle fits to a new level. This $5 gift is the perfect stocking stuffer for occasional and regular cannabis consumers alike, and a portion of sales goes to benefit Marijuana Policy Project! Order the Weed Pack here.

Colorful Cones – $5.95

I’m an equal-opportunity consumer (bring on the dabs, vapes, bongs, and eddies), but anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good old-fashioned muggle on the beach. These pink-tipped hemp pre-roll cones from COBHA Fine Rolling Papers are almost too cute to smoke. Almost…

Kushley Travel Duo - $11.00 – ON SALE NOW! Take an extra $1 off with code: elevate

If you have any holiday travel planned and want to be able to smoke weed when you get there, bring along the Kushley Travel Duo to help control smoke odors and dankness. Kushley’s all-organic fine mist spray is a must-have for a quick spritz on your hair and clothes (should you feel you need to control that). Learn more about Kushley’s line of products, including candles and lotions, here, and take $1 off your purchase of the Travel Duo with code: elevate.

Cannabis: A Big Sisters' Guide (book) – $14.95

Provincetown-based author Anna May Meade nailed it when she published “Cannabis: A Big Sister’s Guide.” Based around interviews with a diverse group of cannabis patients, Anna’s book is the perfect gift for boomers and millennials alike who want to understand the essential information any cannabis user needs to know about safe use and access. Order the book here.

CBD Bath Bomb from Hala Hemp – $17.00

Hala Hemp is a social equity CBD brand dedicated to philanthropy. 5% of each sale is donated to The Last Prisoner Project, making your support of Hala Hemp one little way of “participation in reparations to the black and brown community regarding cannabis.” Check out Hala Hemp’s full line of products, including their 100 mg CBD bath bombs, at

Higher Etiquette – $18.99

Emily Post’s great-granddaughter has gone to pot. In her book, Higher Etiquette, Lizzie Post helps newcomers to cannabis use understand the dos and don’ts of cannabis use. Combining cannabis culture’s long-established norms with the Emily Post Institute’s tried-and-true principles, this book covers the social issues surrounding pot today, including gift giving, consumption methods, and how to behave at a dispensary. Buy Higher Etiquette here.

Subscription to Different Leaf magazine – $20

I love pretty things, interesting people, and lots of weed (and yes, long walks on the beach). That’s why I love Different Leaf magazine, a western Massachusetts-based quarterly delight filled with stories about the avant-garde of cannabis. Gift a subscription to Different Leaf here.

PotPockets - $20

If you're a joint smoker, you need a Pot Pocket. Each of these locally-made, hand-crafted cases is unique and an absolute essential accessory for any smoker. Check out the full line of size and design options at and order up a bunch of these handy gifts for all of the smokers in your life!

Bella Amore Passionale Hybrid CBD Lube – $26.00 – SAVE 25% off with code: BOSSLADY

Give the gift of hot loving this holiday season in the form of Bella Amore’s award-winning Passionale CBD lube! I recently fell in love with this women-owned brand’s line of skincare products, and can’t recommend them enough. Check out Bella’s full line of game-changing products here and use code BOSSLADY to save 25% off your purchase from the site.

Grinder – $30.00

I never knew I needed a grinder until I used one. Grinders are available in all sorts of colors, materials and price points (there are even electronic grinders!), but I’d avoid a plastic grinder and the plastic shards they’ll add to your herb and instead go for a nice, sturdy metal grinder like this Cali Crusher from Witch Dr in Salem, MA.

Four-Twenty Candle – $34.00

Y’all know I love the smell of weed, so I’m gonna love candles that complement—rather than cover—my favorite herbal ambrosia. With notes of bergamot and patchouli, this Four-Twenty Candle from Homesick is not only cute but it smells good, too! Check out the full line of Homesick candles at

‘High Y’all’ T-Shirt from Cannaclusive – $36.00

Up your Zoom meeting wardrobe with this dope ‘High Y’all’ t-shirt from Cannaclusive, an organization created to facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers. “’High Y’all’ is inspired by a simple greeting that not only brings a smile to your face but welcomes like-minded people to build community.” Get yours here.

Kind Lab Vitality CBD + Herbal Tincture – $40 – SAVE 1o% off + free shipping with code: ENE

Short winter days can definitely zap energy. Thankfully, Massachusetts-based and woman-owned Kind Lab blends “powerful nootropic & adaptogenic herbs – including full-spectrum hemp extract” into their Vitality CBD + Herbal tincture to give us a nice “boost” to our day. Check out Kind Lab’s online shop here, and enter code ENE at checkout to get free shipping and 10% off your first order.

Cannabis – $50.00

Want to give a gift that is sure to satisfy? Just give weed -- it's that simple.

The Healing Rose CBD Gift Bundles – $85.00 - $145.00

CBD gifts are a truly thoughtful and caring option, and The Healing Rose Co. makes it easy to introduce your loved ones to the many benefits of CBD with their holiday gift bundles. Featuring lip balms, salves, and bath bombs, these gifts will surely delight – and soothe – anyone’s winter blues. Click here to explore The Healing Rose Co.’s holiday bundles and other gift ideas.

Individual Membership – ELEVATE Northeast ($99)

Of course I need to plug ELEVATE Northeast Events and Education, Inc.! You can give the gift of community and education to your colleagues, employees, or loved ones interested in supporting ELEVATE’s mission (and getting a bunch of perks!) in the form of an individual membership. Click here to join ELEVATE Northeast.

The Beaker (and other glassware) – $157.50 – SAVE 20% off with code BETH20 (offer starts on Tuesday 11/24/20)

Evenings in the Waterfall household usually include a few satisfying rips from my sleek Jane West Beaker. The size and design make me feel like the Beaker was made for my hands. I have the white “cloud” color but adore the Mint and Cobalt options too. Click here to view the Jane West glass collection and enter code BETH25 to save on your purchase from the site. You can’t go wrong with the gift of high-quality glass!

Ardent Nova - $260.00 – SAVE $100 off Nova, Frainer and Nova Sleeve with code: Novaholidaze

The Ardent Nova is the purple kitchen helper that makes decarbing and infusing cannabis into foods and other homemade healthcare products easier, more reliable, and more discreet. Just ask anyone who makes edibles and topicals and they’ll tell you just how much easier the Nova makes things. Want more? They just introduced the Ardent FX, an “all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen.” Check out Ardent’s products here!

TrellaGro LST™ – prices vary

The TrellaGro LST is an indoor cannabis cultivator’s dream come true. With its proprietary technology, the TrellaGro LST gently trains tall plants to grow in small spaces. The company is positioned to truly revolutionize indoor farming with their innovative tech and dedication to creating energy-efficient and globally-scalable solutions to problems unique to the indoor farming industry. Learn more about Trella.


Click any image to purchase direct from the retailers.

(This was fun to put together but nothing is for sale on this website.)

Happy shopping, and happy holidays to you! I know this year feels and looks a lot different than past years for most of us, but I wish you the joys of health and warm connections with friends and family over Zoom!


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