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Women in Cannabis: New England Perspective with MassCANN/NORML

Love it or hate it, quarantine life means more screen time for most people. Whether checking in for the latest COVID-19 updates, connecting with colleagues over a Zoom or Teams meeting, streaming old movies, or playing the latest games, our eyes are glued to the screen. But when the company is good, webinars and Zoom calls can be highpoints in an otherwise "Groundhog Day"-esque life.

Such was MassCann's Virtual Education Village Panel #7: Women and Cannabis Virtual Round Table on May 1, 2020. I was honored to be asked to participate, and seeing the faces of eight women I admire on screen together reminded me of how lucky I am.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, roll up some hemp, and watch it here. And big thanks to MassCANN/NORML for keeping the education alive with their Virtual Education Village!

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