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Be a Trailblazer in a Nascent, Inclusive and Rewarding Industry

The Boston Globe reported this week that legal marijuana could produce a $1.1 billion industry in Massachusetts by 2020.

It's okay -- and perfectly legal -- to admit that you're curious to know more about the fastest-growing industry, and potentially get in the game. Yes, marijuana is taboo. But learning isn't illegal. And there's a growing group of professionals from myriad backgrounds opening their minds and claiming their stakes in this nascent, yet profoundly promising industry.

Come to Women Grow:Boston's April 7 networking and educational event, "Legalize It" to get an accurate understanding of the state of legalized adult-use marijuana in the Commonwealth, get to know the men and women shaping the cannabis and hemp industries and legislation, and to learn some facts about why legalization is more than about getting lifted.

Six people died today from excessive alcohol consumption. It's time to learn from history, correct the wrongs we've been told, and give legal cannabis and hemp professionals access to the same opportunities for research, production, distribution and profit that alcohol businesses currently take while related death tolls rise.

Beth Waterfall is Chair of Women Grow: Boston.

Twitter: @bethwaterfall | Instagram: @bethwaterfallcann

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