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The most amazing thing happened for women in cannabis the other night

First, it was amazing to have Boston City Councilor and candidate for mayor, Tito Jackson, take time to join the Women Grow: Boston team and community at our April Signature Networking Event at the swanky Brahmin (I'm chairwoman of this networking group for cannabis industry professionals). Then he got the crowd fired up talking about the companies, jobs and other opportunities that women in the Boston area are creating in the cannabis industry.

This guy is great. Such a motivating and engaging speaker with data and facts that clearly prove he's the candidate for Boston's cannabis community come 2018 election time. But I digress...

As he was finishing his speech, he said the most magical words I've heard in a long time: "Sister Beth is a bad mama jama." He proceeded to explain that the Boston City Council, which doesn't always agree on things, had unanimously agreed to an official resolution declaring April 6, 2017 "Women Grow Day" in Boston. The citation reads:

"Be it resolved, that the Boston City Council extended its congratulations to Women Grow in recognition of the one-year anniversary of the Boston Women's Grow Branch and the hard work and dedication to female leaders in the cannabis industry. Your influence is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in our city. Be it further resolved that the Boston City Council declares Women Grow Day on APril 6, 2017; and be it further resolved that the Boston City Council extends its best wishes for continued success; that this Resolution be duly signed by the President of the City Council and attested to and a copy transmitted by the Clerk of the City of Boston."

How friggin cool is that? And it has a shiny gold seal to go with it (picture below).

The night was unforgettable. Thank you to everyone who has supported Women Grow: Boston in our first year with me at the helm. I believe in what we're doing and am beyond thrilled that the city of Boston gave this formal recognition to all of the lady entrepreneurs and other professionals helping to make Boston the standard of what a cannabis community and industry should be. As the Women Grow tagline says: Together we have more power!

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