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Are you ready for NECANN?

A flurry of adjectives come racing to my mind as I think about how I want to describe the weekend ahead: busy, fun, informative, overwhelming, inspiring, motivating, entertaining, exhaustive and opportune.

The New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) returns to Boston for its 4th annual showing next weekend. On Friday, March 23 they're offering some pretty incredible workshops to help folks plan for their license application, grow weed at home with Ellen Brown, and chill the F out with Marijuasana. Then the Expo Hall opens bright and early Saturday morning, and the weekend is jam-packed with some pretty amazing speakers and topics. There really is something for everyone at NECANN -- especially this year!

A special place in my heart

I love NECANN because their 2015 show in Boston was my first official cannabis convention. I entered wearing my tweed blazer and left feeling like I knew absolutely nothing about cannabis! It was humbling and I couldn't have possibly planned for the motivation and curiosity speakers like Holly Alberti, Shanel Lindsay, Melissa Bouchard, Eve Marie Santana, Phil Hardy and Ellen Brown all showed me that this bubbling industry had a place for me. It motivated me to take classes and learn. It changed my life.

Fast-forward to 2018 and I'm managing director of the event that started it all for my cannabis journey. While there are a zillion details to keep track of, I'm going to try my best to make time to have some fun and reflect on how much has happened since my first steps into the cannabis world.

Come one, come all

I'd love to see you there! Come hear me present with the Marketing + PR panel on Saturday or visit me at booth #408 to learn more about ELEVATE New England.

It's never lost on me that there are hundreds of curious and talented people who have something to contribute to this movement -- just like little old me back at the Castle in 2015 when I was too nervous to talk with anyone, never mind enter to win that green guitar! While we celebrate our accomplishments and honor those who've fought for the mere possibility of an event like NECANN happening at a place like the Hynes Convention Center, I also look forward to meeting some new faces and seeing some of the folks who've hesitated before to really "come out" for cannabis in 2018!

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